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How Facebook News Feed Work and Problem With Facebook Bad Algorithm.

Today I really got something very interesting and important facts about how Facebook news feeds work and some problems with Facebook news feed algorithm. Recently I have read an article written by Ryan Holmes on the topic The Problem is Not Fake News, It’s Bad Algorithm. Then I decided to find some more data about Facebook Algorithm and how Facebook news feeds work. Finally I got some interesting facts which really make you surprise and shocked.
First of all lets discuss about how Facebook news feeds work.
The main objective of Facebook is to show the most appropriate, relevant and engaging news in your news feed. But how Facebook comes to know that which news are relevant for you and which are not? So let me explain you, there are lots of factors which decide that whether news published in your news feed is relevant for you or not. Facebook publish the news in your news feeds on the basis of your past post  likes,  post share, click, what your sibling sharing and what your friends posted. The main purpose of Facebook is to keep you more engaged with the content.

How Facebook News Feed Work and Problem With Facebook Bad Algorithm.
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Main Factors Which Influence News Feeds

But with the time, more peoples and pages join the Facebook. Every people and Page share more and more content so there are lots of difficulties that which post should be published in your news feeds in a very small region. For that Facebook follow some important factors which influence your news feeds. Your news feed is also depends on the factor that Who Posted? When Posted? How Many Peoples Interacted? and What type of content is Posted?
For example see this Image:

How Facebook News Feed Work and Problem With Facebook Bad Algorithm.
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After Image I think the facts are very much clear for you. Well Facebook also provides the tools which help you to keep controlling on your news feeds.
How Facebook News Feed Work and Problem With Facebook Bad Algorithm.

  • Hide a post so you stop seeing it and see fewer stories similar to it
  • Unfollow the author so you don’t see any more of their posts
  • Save the story for later, which tells Facebook to show you more posts similar to it
  • Turn on notifications, so you’re alerted of future posts by that author

Facebook Algorithm Problem 
When we have discussed about the news feeds and how Facebook show you relevant and important news to you, It’s also important for you that the news you are reading is fake or real? Facebook used approx 100,000 variables to determine what shows up in your News Feed. It’s an extraordinary Process.
Now when it comes to fake or real news, here Facebook Algorithm has to play smart role. Facebook Algorithm may be or may not be fact-checker or content gatekeeper. But Facebook can use the advanced authority checker from the source news published. Here I am talking about Domain Authority.
[highlight color=”yellow”]Domain Authority is a scale to to rank the website 0-100 on the basis of Domain Age and other website or page linking. [/highlight]
In short the website which have more Domain Authority has more trusted while more fake news comes from the low Domain Authority websites. Facebook can make some changes in their algorithm and its not technically difficult nor especially controversial. Articles from news sites that are patently fake or suspicious could be devalued accordingly, ensuring that they don’t show up in as many people’s feeds to begin with, and that they don’t spread if they do.

After all in last few years, Facebook comes out as a biggest media source. And for some its only source of media and information. Hence the responsibility of Facebook is increase here that they provide true and real news to their user.

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