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How SEO Is Responsible For Your Website Hacking?

You will be shocked to know that SEO is the primary reasons websites are targeting for hacking. Nowadays lots of issues coming from the peoples that their website got hacked or found some malicious code on the site. Special the sites which are on WordPress, Magento or other third party platform are affected more from this.

One of the main reason for website hacking is unnecessary plugins and badly coded theme used for the sites. So whenever you are installing new plugins or using any theme, It is necessary that you check the required security issue first. I will discuss this in my next article.

Now this is important for you to know that how SEO is responsible for your website hacking. Recently google posted on their webmaster channel on Google+ that SEO is the primary reasons that vulnerable websites are targeted by hackers.

SEO Spam is not only redirecting us suspecting users but it can be URL Injection, Content Injection or many other ways to hack your website. Recently the most common issue I have faced with my few clients have linked injection and content injection.

Now take a look at the paragraph which Google posted on Webmaster Channel:-

Search Engine Optimization ‘SEO’ spam is one of the primary reasons that vulnerable websites are targeted by hackers. Some forms of SEO spam can redirect your users to malicious sites and cause you to lose customers.

An early warning sign of this can be from customers trying to access your site. Be sure to pay attention to user feedback, questions, or complaints. Also, sign up for Search Console. If Google detects any malicious redirects, we’ll send you a message in Search Console. #NoHacked


Well, this is really shocking news about which we have to think about. And the only way to avoid our site from hacking is to use security plugins and code on the site. This is also important that we are using the right way to promote our website through Search Engine Optimization.
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