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How To Get More Views On Instagram Stories? Here Is 6 Tips For You.

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Instagram Stories is one of the most trending thing among all social media trends. So let’s discuss about Instagram stories today and how you can get more Instagram stories views on Instagram Stories.

Today I am going to discuss 6 ways to get more and more Instagram stories views. So let’s start here;-

  1. Post More – Yes you read it right. Instagram Stories are little different from traditional social media post. The number of stories you will share will increase your chance to get more views on your stories. At least you need to post 4 to 5 times in a day. In this way you will get more Instagram stories views as compare to the 1 stories in a day.
  2. Videos – You need to start posting videos in your Instagram Stories. Most of the peoples post images only in their Instagram stories. If you will post videos in Instagram stories, you will get more Engagement. More engagement means there is more chance that your videos can be seen by more peoples.
  3. Tag – Tag is one of the most important thing you need to do in your post to increase organic reach and to get more views. For example if your are clicking a photos and creating a video eating Dominos Pizza, Tag the dominos in your stories. At the same time you also need to aware that don’t tag the things which does not related to your post.
  4. # Tag – Always try to use # Tag in your post. Most of the marketers things that it’s outdated but it’s not. The more # Tag you will use in your post there is more chance to get more number of views on your stories.
  5. Create A Pole – Trust me this is one of the best engaging tool you can do with your post and stories. Try to create a Pole on trending topics. You can also ask the peoples opinion about the topic. This way you can create more engagement and interaction with your stories.
  6. Geo location – Try to put location based tagging or you can say that try to add your location in the stories. In this way you can get the attention of your nearby peoples and the possibility to get more share on your post or Instagram stories.

Well this is some very basic but very helpful tactics which can help you a lot to get more views and shares on your Instagram stories.

If you found anything missing please let me know in comment section.

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