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5 Ways To Make Money From Your blog In 2019

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Are you making money from blogging?

Are you a full time blogger?

What are the networks through you are making money?

Well I am asking these questions just because I want to know How much time you are investing on content and how much time you are investing for looking alternate options to make money online or to monetize your website.

Initially I have spend so much time on searching alternate networks to make money and to monetize my site. After all I come to conclusion and I decided to put quality content first on the blog and then think about the monetization.

Later all I comes to know that apart of monetizing the site with Google AdSense, they are so many alternate way to make money online from blog.

Here I want to discuss top 5 way to make money online and how you can design the revenue model for your blog.

Top 5 Way To Make Money Online

Well the most important thing is how you designed your revenue model. You can not implement all the things at the same time. It’s not because of the network restriction or anything else but it will be not a good experience for the reader. Monetizing your blog with everything at the same time can create hustle for your reader. And you know that if readers will face the issue they will not visit again there may be possibility to loose traffic.

  1. AdSense or similar add network:- No matter how much options you get to monetize your website, you can’t decline the fact that AdSense is one of the most trust worthy and genuine way to monetize your blog. Some other similar sites which support contextual and graphical monetization are media.net , info links and many more. While applying for the Google AdSense please make sure that your blog have good number of articles and it should not be plagiarised content. Other wise your AdSense application can be dis approved and it’s very hard to get approval in 2nd time.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – If you are blogging a separate niche and you have good number of viewers, you can apply for affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing is generally selling others products through your blog and earning a fixed commission for the products. Now a days almost every big e commerce or media portals used affiliate program to grow their business. So it’s easy to get approval from any of this. Some most popular affiliate networks are Amazon affiliate program, Shareasale, clickbank, commisionjunction and many more.
  3. Sell Your Service – This is one of the best advantage you get when you have a good blog. If you have a good blog with good number of traffic you can sell your services easily. And there is more chance that you can get more clients easily as compare to going and pitching them without any blog or portfolio. Blogging is something where you are branding yourself and once you get recognized by peoples your task become easier.  
  4. Paid Reviews – again it depends on the number of traffic and your blog niche. Suppose you are blogging about your travel experience. So there are opportunity to tie up with some hotels and you can review that hotel on your blog. Similarly if you are a tech blogger, you can ask mobile companies or other gadget based companies for their products reviews and trust me they will pay you a good amount in return.
  5. Direct Advertisement – You can approach the brand under blog niche for direct advertisement. There are so many sites which helps the bloggers to connect with brands. One of the popular site is buysellads. You can register on these sites and sell your blog space on these sites.

So here you need to be careful while creating revenue model for blog. As per mu suggestion, initially you can go with Google AdSense only. Monetize your blog with Google AdSense only. Once you start getting good number of traffic then you can place the affiliate marketing in the process. At that time you can also place direct advertising.

When you reached on the pro level then you can ask the brands for paid reviews and collaborations with your blog. To reach on that level you need lots of patience and continues work on the blog. So don’t loose the hope and keep working continually it will definitely paid you off. Cheers!!!!!!

Wanted To Know How To Make Money Online? Here Is Top Ways To Make Money Online!

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Whenever we think about the Internet, there are a lots of opportunity, a lots of information and a lots of ideas comes in our mind. And the reason is very simple. You can explore everything in just Rs 399 internet pack or even in less money. Because internet speed is increasing day by day and price for per GB data is reducing we have seen a lot’s of new bloggers and you tubers who created their own space in the internet world.

And the one thing which I found very common in most of the blog or You tube channel is that they mostly talks about how to make money online or ways to make money online. Well this is not a misery topics any more and almost everyone, who are internet freak knows that how they can generate some extra income using their internet data pack.

And if you are a new comer or you are not able to generate some extra money even after all your efforts and using all your ideas here are some easy ways to make money online.

  1. Blogging – Why I am mentioning blogging top in my list because this is the simplest and easiest way. Blogging is something where you don’t have to be so much representative or you don’t need excellent audible voice. The only thing you required is information about a particular topic which can help others to solve their issue. Apart of this there is another reason for me and that is language issue. If you are not good enough in English still you can start your own blog and you can write the blog or articles in your own regional language.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is also one of the best way to make money online. Similar like a blogging here also you don’t need to be more presentative or audible. And the more interesting thing is here you can earn money online even if you don’t have a personal blog or website. You just need a good number of social media followers. If you have a good number of Facebook friends, Instagram followers, Twitter followers or on any social media site, a good number of followers you can share the products with them and whenever they purchase you can generate some commission. There are multiple platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Shareasale etc.
  3. Review products – Reviewing a product can generate money for me? Absolutely Yes! But How? Let me explain it for you. You can earn some extra money by reviewing the products on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms. There are few Sellers and brands who paid the reviewer for positive feedback and star on their products link. But why? Well the answer is very simple. It helps them to spread a good customer experience among the new buyers and also helps them to rank on the top in their respective products category on the platform. It is something which is like mouth advertising. Suppose you used any products and it helps you to get what you was expecting from that product. Now what you will do? You will definitely tell your friends and family about the products and their feature. Similarly it works on the ecommerce platforms also. You are sharing your good experience with the new buyers which help them to selecting the products.
  4. Become A Freelancer – Well this is something where you need to put some extra effort and you need to be extra talented. You can work as a freelance and generate a good amount of money from the clients but you need to understand that this is one of the most challenging task in online world right now. You can not get the clients or work easily. Initially you have to put a a lots of efforts and creative which can attract the clients towards your work. You can do freelancing work in different fields like Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Content Writing, As a SEO Consultant, As a digital marketing consultant and many more ways. You just need to find out that in which field you are best.
  5. Become A You Tuber- Well this is where you need to be more representative and your voice should be more audible or funny. You can create your own you tube channel and can upload some informatic or funny videos. You can share your knowledge about the topic which can provide solutions to the others or you can create some funny videos which can entertain the peoples. Here you need to know that funny videos goes viral easily as compare to informative videos. So if you wants to make money fast and easily try to create funny videos.

Well these are some most easiest and genuine way to make money online. Apart of this there are some more ways which can help you to generate some income in online world. But for that you need to be little techy and smart enough.

Here are two more ways to make money online and generate extra income.

  1. Domain Trader – You can make some good amount of money by trading domain. Here you need to put some money initially to buy the domain. After buying the domain you can sell that domain to the person who need it more after some time.
  2. Website Flipping – Website flipping is same as domain trading. But here you need to do some extra work and need to invest some extra money. For website flipping you need to buy domain and hosting. After buying domain and hosting you need to create a website or blog and need to work constantly for 6 or 9 months until it does not start generating revenue by advertising. Once the website start generating revenue you can sell this on double or triple price to someone who is interested in your blog or website.

So now if you are thinking to make money online or wanted to boost your carrier in online world you can do these things. These are sure shot method to make money online.

There are so many other ways also to generate online money but that is time taking and you will not get any assurance that you can definitely make money from that.

If you are using any other method which are generating revenue for you please mention that in the comment section to help others to grow.

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