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The New WordPress Editor Gutenberg Useful Or Not? Read (Pros & Cons).

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Hey guys, welcome back to another post and this is my first post of 2019. Although there are lots of topics and ideas to share with you all, I was bit confused about the start. So finally I have something from where I can start and this is related to WordPress. This post is all about the new WordPress editor Gutenberg and it’s pros & Cons.

During my last post when I opened the WordPress dashboard I have seen a call out from WordPress to update WordPress editor. So I updated the WordPress editor in my new blog and what I have was amazing. The whole interface of editing was changed. Then I searched the Internet regarding this update which is called “Gutenberg”. Now I am using Gutenberg editor for my this blog and I found it quite interesting and helpful. Still Gutenberg is in its beta version.

So here I am going to share my experience with Gutenberg editor and what happen when I install this on my another blog where I am using so many plugins and TinyMCE WordPress editor.

Firstly I installed the Gutenberg on my this blog and the experience was too much excited. There are lots of features which help to design your article in proper and attractive way

5 Most Important features of Gutenberg Which make it best wordpress editor.

  1. Table block and text block Column– Now it’s very simple to insert Table in your articles and guess what , you don’t need to use third party plugin. Apart of this you can also insert responsive text block column easily which was a hustle in the past.
  2. Drag and Drop Images – Now you can easily insert images in your articles with drag and drop option. And the most important part is you can add some additional CSS and can give your image some effective designs.
  3. Embed Options – Gutenberg has more easily accessible embed option. Now you can video, images or a post from twitter, facebook, youtube, flicker and many more easily.
  4. Word and Block Count – Now you don’t need to scroll in the bottom of the editor to see total number of word. It’s very easy in Gutenberg and only number of words, you can count total number of blogs and heading also which is I think quite impressive.
  5. Table of Content and Anchor Support – Table of content can be useful while writing the long articles. You can jump from one section to another section easily. Another important thing is adding anchor text in the title or section heading. This can be helpful add or link a page in the section.

Apart of these 5 feature one more thing I want to add and that is Slash Auto complete. Like the HTML editor Gutenberg allows you to add the word by Auto Slash which can increase the writing speed.

Well it’s not like everything is perfect with Gutenberg Editor. Because it’s a beta version and still in testing mode there are some disadvantages also which I think will resolved very soon.

3 Disadvantages Of Gutenberg which makes it Uncool to use right now.

  1. Harder To Learn – It’s interface is not as much easier as classical WordPress editor. So it can take some time for the beginner to learn all the features and to understand the Gutenberg environment.
  2. Accessibility Issue – There are lots of concern in WordPress forum and developer regarding its accessibility. Even the Yoast SEO developer Joost De Valk brought up this issue in the concern. You can check this link for more info related to accessibility issue. Gutenberg Accessibility Issue
  3. Backwards Compatibility Issue – With so many themes and plugins, there might be backward compatibility issue going forward. So it will be too early to use Gutenberg right now.

Ok so now when I have discussed most of the Pros and Cons of Gutenberg, I want to share what I have experienced with two different blog with different plugins and theme.

Till the time I have updated to Gutenberg editor on my this blog, It’s running smoothly and I am enjoying this very much because I am using limited plugins and a very simple theme. But when I have installed Gutenberg on my another blog where I am using too many plugins and highly coded theme It shows me bank page whenever I tried to write new articles. Now I don’t know why this is happening or it is issue with TinyMCE, because I am using TinyMCE too on that blog. I will do some experiment with that but now right now because it can cause to loss some designing feature in my blog.

So my suggestion is if you are a new blogger and starting a new blog on wordpress go for Gutenberg editor and if you are running a blog with already so much traffic and content stick on the classical editor and update to Gutenberg after some time.


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