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11 Social Media Trends You Need To Know To Implement In Your Social Media Strategy In 2019

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As social media platforms are in to the full swing for marketing and building relationship with the customers, there are certain things you need to implement in your social media strategy for 2019 marketing plan. While number of social media platforms pulling the audience to their platforms it’s necessary to keep social media marketing at the top in your marketing plan. So let’s discuss what social media trends was successful in 2018 and what are the other factors which you need to focus more in 2019. In the middle of 2018 there are certain features added in every social media platforms and customers adapted and used these features like crazy. Live Option – We have seen that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many more promoted the live features a lot and peoples start loving it. We have seen so many live interaction by almost every brands and celebrities. Stories – The another features which boosted was Stories. Brands starts publishing the post in their stories and we have seen that peoples prefers stories more as compare to post now a days. With live options and stories there are some other trending things on social media which you need to implement in your social media strategy.
  1. Rebuild Social Media Trust – Trust factors is always important because until and unless customers does not start believing in your products, it’s important to sell or attract the customers. As social media is one of the easiest way to interact the customers now days it’s important that you keep a live session weekly or monthly where you can interact with your customers. It’s also important that you replied their feedback on you social media page or ID.
  2. Social Media Story telling – Social media adapting new way to tell your story to your customers. Story telling looks much more real, personal and genuine. It’s gives a personal touch with the brand and the products. As a brand you can share your customers story and their positive feedback in the form of content or video on your social media platforms.
  3. Build a Brand Story – Trust me this is one of the most interesting things that how you narrate your brand because peoples always took interest about what happening behind the camera. So if you are able to create a interesting and successful brand story it will impact your customers a lot.
  4. Be creative – When you are interacting with your customers on social media in any form of content like story, images or videos you need to be more creative. Peoples are getting bored watching same kind of post everywhere, and in this you are loosing your identity. So try to create more creative post with personal feel.
  5. Try Human Face – In past few year we have seen the brands like Tribago and Airtel used this in their marketing strategy and it’s really worked for them. A human element give your brand and products more relatable and personal touch.
  6. Influence Marketing – Influencer community keep growing their social media channels and peoples prefers to watch read or see some things from the individual more as compare to brand and company. Try to connect more influencer this year so that you can featured on more social media channels and pages.
  7. Targeted Personalized – Instead of focusing on larger database and wasting your efforts and time on the customers who does not relate to your products, try to target relevant audience.
  8. Selfie Videos and Branding – Again it gives a personal touch directly to your customers and helps to build the brand trust in between the peoples. You can share some selfies and videos with your customers on your brands social media page.
  9. Know your social media platforms – When there are number of social media platforms, its not feasible to use all platforms. So it’s important to select which social media platforms your customers are using and your make your strong presence on the right social media platforms.
  10. Use of # Tag – When almost all the social media platforms narrowing their organic reach, The use of # Tag can improve your organic reach. Try to use at least 3 to 5 # Tag in your social media post.
  11. Social Media Paid Advertising – To reach the maximum relevant customers and in the quick time you need to invest more on Social media platforms. Use the paid tool for social media to increase the visibility of your brands in the sort time.
So this is all from today, I hope you guys like this articles and please share this article. In the next article I am going to cover all social media tools through which you can automate your social media platforms and can save your time increase the productivity.
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