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Top Niche To Blog Under For More Money In 2019

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Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing good. Now since 2019 started, it’s very important to know that which are the trending topics under which you can blog or write articles to get shared most and can make more money. So today I am going to discuss top niche to blog under for making more money in 2019. Here is the list of top niche to blog under for more money in 2019.

What Is Niche Site

Before the list, you need to understand what niche means? Niche relate to the topic or category under which you are going to write your blog. As an independent blogger it’s very difficult to cover all the topics or category. So need to choose one category in which you are expertise and you can write huge number of articles.

What to do to select niche?

To select a niche you need to understand the topic on which you are planning to write. After the topic you need to check what peoples are looking for under your selected category. This is called keyword research. So basically you have to do a research related to customer search term and behaviour of the category.

Why It is important to do keyword research?

As a new blogger you cannot do blogging on very generic topic because you can’t rank on the google with very genre topic initially. It will take lots of time and there is possibility that in that period you can gave up on writing. So try to find out less competitive keywords from you category and write the articles based on that keywords.

Fitness – Fitness is one of the most trending topic right now and I think this on the top in the list. You can start a blog or Vlog where you can share fitness tips, diets plan and training session on fitness.

Gadget Review – Reviewing a product is always good niche and it’s evergreen niche in blogging and Vlogging. You can reviews upcoming mobiles or other electronic gadget for the customers. Here you need to be genuine with the customers and make sure that is the rush of collaboration you don’t need to share fake reviews.

Travel – Travel blogging is on the trending list from last 2 or 3 years. Peoples are following madly to the travel bloggers to know about the new places and cities. You can start your blog as a travel blogger if you are yourself a regular traveller.

Cooking and recipe – If you are a food lover or you are a good cook, you can start a blog on cooking and recipe. Peoples are loving this kind of topics now days.

Fashion – If you have a good fashion sense and you are one of those guys whose always stand alone and charming in the group, you can start a fashion blog. You can start a blog on the topics like how to dress in different events and what should be the dress combination or dress code for the different events.

Parenting – You can start your career as a blogger under parenting niche. You can share the baby care tips, how to feed baby, what to do while pregnancy and after pregnancy? But while blogging under this niche you need to be careful and always need to discuss the topic with the experts or doctors. Because you are blogger under the niche which can effect the life directly. You one wrong advice can harm a lot to the baby or mother.

Interviews – Peoples always took interest in celebrities life and things related to them. So this is a really nice and trending niche where you can get a chance to interact with more peoples and can interview them for your viewers.

Events – Blogging on upcoming events or movies can be a good topic. You just need to be little statistical and aware about what’s going on in the city.

Start-up Stories – Start-up stories and inspirational stories are really good topic and you can start your blogging under this niche. There are lots of diversity under this niche like you can write some one biography, you can write about funding, you can write about technology and start-up ideas.

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