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Why it is Important to Upgrade Your WordPress in It’s Latest Update WordPress 4.7

Well when this year is about to end and we are excited for the upcoming new year, a surprise gift is launched by WordPress. The WordPress has announced the new theme for 2017 and it’s updated version WordPress 4.7.

The new updated WordPress 4.7 the can be customized in a multiple way like widgets, navigation, social menus, a logo, custom colors, and more of WordPress customization.
Whats New Customization Features Added in WordPress?
There are various new features added in the updated version of WordPress which make your designing more attractive and easy. Take a look what you can do in updated WordPress version.

You can see in the images that the complete process of setting is changed. Now you have the full flexibility to make changes in the site in the review mode without changing anything on the live website. Apart of Setting and Customization portion, there are few other sections in which WordPress makes a great change.

  1. Video Header Is Available in New Version Now WordPress allow you to add Video in the header portion instead of Images. You can add this video directly by uploading on WordPress or you can give the youtube link of your video.
  2. Smart Menu Building in WordPress 4.7 Fewtimes you have an idea for how you want to design a website before you have the actual site. Now, when you create navigation menus in WordPress, you can create new pages on the fly. When you publish your changes, the new pages will be ready for you in the back end to add content to.
  3. Easily Add Custom CSS in WordPress 4.7 Now you have the flexibility to add custom CSS in the preview version of site. This one is really great option add by WordPress.
  4. More back and Tweaks A couple of other back-end tweaks include the addition of thumbnail previews for PDFs. So now PDFs will appear just like images and videos in the media library.There’s now also the ability to add new languages to the admin area of a site. As the company points out, this is helpful if a diverse team helps manage a website and prefers different languages to the one the site is written in.

For technical detail and official announcement by WordPress you can click on this link Official WordPress Update Detail

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